Crabouiller Record Company
Crabouiller is a record label primarily interested in releasing short-run vinyl and CDs. We put a focus on the details of hand manufacturing each item we produce. Every CD or record we sell is handmade (hand screen-printing and assembly). We tend to favor stuff that we think is new/different/strange/odd. Much of our catalog is electronic and experimental (often drone and/or electroacoustic leaning) though you'll also find the occasional danceable beat and acoustic 12-string guitar. All of our physical releases (LP/CD) are always accompanied by digital (MP3) releases; Anything you can buy from us in physical form is also available as downloadable digital files. Check out the Catalog/Shop to take a listen and grab some music.

Welcome Soplerfo - The Air Out There to the world!
We are so excited to bring you this great new album today! Available as both a download and a 12" vinyl album with hand-printed sleeves and numbered inserts. Only 200 available!

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